Which Logo Style to Choose for Your Startup?

As brand identification labels, logos remain fundamental visual means to increase brand identification and positive recall. Furthermore, while most companies understand that a reliable brand logo signifies inevitable marketing, very few understand that there exist not two or three, but many logo forms. Therefore, which one will suggest the most suitable and proper for your brand and gain your brand the most significant recognition? Which one will you prefer for your startup?

While there are options to subdivide various varieties of logo styles into several categories, a more familiar analysis will show that primary logo styles happen to be condensed into four different classes: letter marks, wordmarks, pictorial logos, and combination logos. Let’s check out what all of these are all about.

Lettermark Logos (Monograms)

Letter marks remain somewhat similar to wordmark logos, although still are quite diverse. Where wordmarks denote whole words, lettermarks denote acronyms. Likewise, these are letter-based logos, suggesting there would not be any representation or illustration bearing the design’s authority. Consequently, pick or design typefaces that signify easy to read, simple, and compare with your company’s primary operations.

Lettermark logos are likewise named monograms. Consider IBM’s line art logo or Chanel’s intertwined twin Cs. To create a lettermark impressively, you require a knowledgeable designer who understands the details to operate on to design a lasting logo. Commonly, lettermark logos are chosen by brands that possess longer or complicated names. Using company name initials, such firms can efficiently create brand identities that facilitate prompt recall and streamlining. They might not be proper for new startups that nevertheless require time to turn their brand names into something familiar.

Wordmark Logos

Wordmarks refer to the typography-based logos and are additionally known as logotypes. Elaborately, they are terms fabricated into logo designs. Think of Disney and Coca-Cola. As their logo designs work, they are relatively straight-forward and serve for exciting brand names. Companies that need to create an identity concerning their brand personality can choose wordmark logos. Here, the focus remains on existing brand names like media company logos – Google, Netflix, and Facebook.

Pictorial Logos

As you can learn from the term, pictorial logos include symbols, icons, pictures, plus imagery. As graphic-based symbols, they tell all they require by the intelligent application of imagery. Memorable logos of this category are Twitter’s bird, Apple Inc’s bitten-apple, and Starbucks’ green siren.

Ordinarily, brands that utilize pictorial logos are previously established ones; customers are accustomed to their titles and recognize them well. Quite often, graphic symbols appear to augment older forms, as happened with the Starbucks logo. What began as a mixture of images and words is presently acknowledged by the picture alone. When you go for a graphic symbol, pay close attention to how you plan to combine your entire brand within a single visual.

Combination Logos

A combination logo refers to a blend of some or all of the logo forms, as mentioned above. It’ll essentially contain an image including a bit of writing representing the kind of slogan and brand name. The word and the image can be designed in various forms on the draft with no hard and fast laws commanding the design.

Combination logos happen to be the most illustrative logos. They hardly give any scope for imagination. Accordingly, they happen to be the ideal choice for startups, particularly as company logos, which could be enhanced later. With these logos, the illustrative part of the logo can, in the future, be utilized solely, so create well.

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