Some Common Android App Development Myths Debunked

Mobile applications are the need of the hour. With billions of smartphones currently in use, consumers are increasingly becoming dependent on hand-held devices and its various applications for browsing, shopping and researching. With android app development quickly becoming a niche skill in the market, it is now crucial that we demystify some of the myths that are attached to this aspect of IT.

  • Developing an android app is cheaper: Several clients have this notion that android app development is cheaper than web development. Somehow the size of the screen being smaller for mobile devices seems to have warranted this popular myth. However, this is not the case. To develop a mobile app, the android app development company India must pay the analyst, developers, designers, and testers which requires a similar budget.
  • More features are good: The more, the merrier does not work in app development. What engages app users more is a user-friendly interactive interface. Stuffing your app with more functionalities will only make your app bulky and give your app performance issues. The best android app development agencies acknowledge this and function accordingly.
  • Apps should be compatible with all platforms: Many people have this misconception that apps should be compatible with every OS to reach a wider audience. The key point to note here is the type of app users you want to target. One should develop apps keeping its target audience in mind and also the available budget.
  • App development is all about coding: Android app development goes beyond just coding. Coding is not all. Several variables like design, functionality, user interface, graphics factor in this development process of android app development.
  • Apps don’t require promotion: Marketing is important in any business. An app doesn’t endorse itself as soon as it goes live. Users don’t automatically come to know about it. You need to reach them using a wide variety of tactics and convince them so that they use your mobile application.
  • Once deployed, the app development phase ends: The development does not end after the deployment. The app needs to be monitored closely and the bugs need to be fixed. The app should add new features at regular intervals to keep the users engaged and also make sure that it works seamlessly with new OS versions.
  • An idea is all you need: An idea is like a seed. It needs favorable weather conditions to germinate. Similarly, an idea is not enough if it is not supported by good infrastructure, flexible budget and reliable developers working to make it a success and that’s what the best android app development company promises.

In Conclusion App developers should take due care during the process of app development, regardless of the baseless myths. Android app development is something every business owner should know about. Any business will gain more traction and reach a wider base by going mobile. A mobile app opens you to a world of opportunities.

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