Revealing the Reasons That Causes High Bounce Rates to Websites

Referring to the language of web developers and designers, the bounce rate is a type of cancer that slowly but surely brings down the URL. It usually starts with losing the potential flow of traffic that consequently transpires to the downfall in SERP rankings, and finally, the site gets away from the listing. 

You must be freaking out? But hold on because you might get the ultimate shock to know YOU are one of the biggest reasons for the cause of high bounce rates for the site. If you don’t agree with the fact, take some time to know the reasons how you end up increasing the bounce rate of the site.

A high bounce rate is one of the biggest challenges that most of the web developers face nowadays. It can ruin the overall campaign but let the site lose its potential customers. Hopefully, the post will help you to know some useful secrets that cases bounce rate for sites and work on it to avoid the same to your websites.  

Loading Time of the Website

How long will you wait for a site to load properly? According to the latest reports and statistics, it is less than 3 seconds. In most of the cases, businesses have a heavy site, and they do not load easily within seconds. 

Now this annoys the visitors, and they finally leave from the site. And if you feel that the above facts are baseless, the earlier claim is completely justified. Professional companies offering the best web design services in Brighton can help hit the desired mark in this context.

Using Meaningless and Poor Quality Titles

Irrespective of the fact that you have impeccable content on the site, every effort will go in vain in case there is no catchy as well as an appealing title in the place. The majority of the sites tend to lose their valuable readers because of this reason only. Who is responsible for making the title of the posts catchy and unique so that it grabs the attention of the readers? You are smart enough to answer this!

Misleading Descriptions

Bounce rates also happen when the wrong audience lands on the page. It all starts with how the page is advertised. Misleading title tags and Meta descriptions translate to poor targeting – potential reason for pogo-sticking and short clicks. It is seen that potential audient or users get back the SERP to find the right page that will answer to their query. 

Experts suggest that the snippet is the first chance to win an audience. Brands should consider this as an advertisement as well. It should reflect a quality piece of copywriting that precisely summarises the landing page.

Asking for Too Much, Too Soon

This is one such problem that might arise in case you are an industry with usually a journey of having long buyers. It could be B2B luxury goods or any software. In case you have expensive offerings, asking your visitors to buy by filling out the form will be too much and too soon. Make sure to keep the visitors engaged with the offerings. You can start with less intimidating offers like newsletter subscriptions, free trials or eBooks, etc. 

Uninformative Content

Let’s consider your title as a “click baiter”, and the site you own runs supremely fast. Now everything is perfect, but content plays the antagonist. How? 

Having uninformative, irrelevant or disorganized content lets visitors lose their interest, and gradually the site tends to lose traffic. There will be a time when even the top SEO agency in Brighton or other locations will not be left with a bag full of options. Content is the KING, and it will remain the same. 

This is high time to nullify all these negativities to take the site to the zenith of success. Get in touch with a professional agency that has been working in the industry for years and have great expertise in offering accurate solutions.  

Remember, there is no logical explanation for the high bounce rate. All you need is to focus on being helpful and creating something that serves visitors’ purpose. This will certainly help in resolving the issue of having high bounce rates.

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