Pro Tips to Boost the Loading Speed of Your Website

As per the reports of Kissmetrics, more than 47% of the customers expect a webpage to load in less than 2 seconds. 40% of the online users abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

All these stats clearly show that online users have become extremely impatient. Having a website with a slow loading speed will not only cost you money, but it also has an adverse impact on the site’s overall performance.

Let’s have a look at some useful tips to improve the loading speed of the site to make it look catchy for the online visitors.

Minimize HTTP Requests

Each time HTTP Requests are counted whenever the browser fetches a page, file, page, or picture from the web server. One of the trusted sources from the industry has revealed that all these requests take up to 80% loading time of a site. The browser, in this case, also restricts the requests between 4-8 connections for every domain.

This ensures that loading 30+ assets at a time do not remain an option. So, the higher the HTTP requests that you need to load, the longer it is for the page to reach and retrieve them all in a go. To decrease HTTP requests –

• make use of queries to load the requirements
• combine JD or CSS files
• CSS sprites
• minimize the total number of images you use

Hiring a professional website development company in Brighton that offers the best web design services, would help in this context as they can compress the size of the image.

Caching is the Key

The term ‘Cache’ is quite familiar with the professionals engaged in web design and development projects. Caching is a process that is useful for having temporary storage of the web pages for minimizing the bandwidth and improving the overall performance. Caching saves a significant amount of server time and helps in making things faster.

Opt for CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Content Delivery Network is one such system that puts distributed servers into use for offering websites and other web content based on the location of the user. It has emerged as an effective way of having all static files of the sites starting from CSS, JavaScript, and even images together and to deliver them through the web servers, which lies in the close vicinity of the user. Shorter the proximity, the faster the loading time!

There is a great scope of delving all the categories into detail, but following these guidelines would give you a good chance to cut down the loading time and improve the overall speed of the site.

Having expert opinions and advice from professional companies that offer web design services, Brighton,along with SEO agencies,would help to get things in thebest possible manner.

Never be in a hurry to increase the performance of the site. Most importantly, never choose any shortcut or irrelevant ways to reach the feat of being on the top of eh search results. In case of any query, please free feel free to reach us below in the comment section.